#BarbourLife – Adam Partridge

In our latest #BarbourLife feature, we travelled to the south coast of England to Dorset’s iconic Durdle Door beach, to meet self-made Photographer, Adam Partridge.

May 5th 2017
We wanted to know more about how Photographer, Adam Partridge turned his Photography hobby into a career and why he’s so fond of the unpredictable British weather…
Can you tell us a little bit about yourself? How you got into photography?
I’m Adam, a photographer from Poole, Dorset. My story into the world of photography started about 4/5 years ago, I started taking photos on my iPhone and posting them onto Instagram. I soon gained great feedback on my photos and this inspired me to purse photography more seriously. 
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You've travelled to some beautiful locations around the world. What have been some of the most inspiring coastal locations you have visited?
My favourite place I was lucky enough to visit was the Faroe Islands, whilst producing images for their tourism board. I loved the untouched raw feel to the place, the sheer size of the cliffs and dreamy fishing villages with tons of character. It's a must see.
Is there any particular photography memory or experience that has influenced your photography style?
I like to use muted tones or take pictures on grey days, as it allows me to adopt more of my favourite tones and show a place in a new light. Find your own style and stick to it.
We've come to one of the most beautiful spots in the UK (Durdle Door) to meet you today. Is this one of your favourite places to capture?
Durdle Door is my most favourite place to capture as it's beautiful! Whatever the weather, people can't believe it is in England when I share images to Instagram. I take great pleasure in inspiring people to visit Dorset where they wouldn't have done in the first place.
We noticed you have a preference for capturing Coastal scenes - what do you enjoy most about the British coastline?
What I love about the British coastline is the uniqueness of the pictures I'm able to capture every time I revisit a place, because of factors like the weather and winds that can change the mood of the Jurassic coastline in a blink of an eye.
When did you first come across Barbour? Many people have said their parents and grandparents wore Barbour's before them, is this the same for you?
I've known about Barbour for a long time - one of the most respected clothing brands in the UK. My brother has worn Barbour coats in the past and I've been impressed with the quality and style.
Your visual aesthetic is bold, yet very calm. What 3 tips would you give aspiring photographers?
Find your own style and stick to it. Practice makes perfect; keep going back to places and capture in different lights, weather, moods and invest in good editing tools/apps, as it will elevate your images aesthetically.
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How do you prepare for the unpredictability of the British weather when you're shooting on location?
I love the unpredictability of the British weather! It’s always best when it's cloudy or foggy, as you can get images that people are not used to seeing.
You've captured some amazing landscapes and wildlife, is there anywhere in the UK you'd still like to explore?
I would love to explore the Devon Cornwall coastline, as I haven't had a chance to do that yet. There are lots of similarities with the Dorset coast. This summer hopefully with my Barbour gear for sure!
Do you have any hidden locations for capturing beautiful shots you could share with our readers to go and visit?
I always urge people to explore the whole of the Jurassic coast, but places like Old Harry Rocks don't get a mention, compared to the well-known places, such as Lulworth cove. 
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