#BarbourIntSummer: Youngr Q&A

We caught up with Youngr, who we’re joining on the road this weekend. He discusses the inspirations behind his sound and playing live shows around the world.

July 14th 2017
This #BarbourIntSummer we’re giving you a glimpse into the lives of four handpicked musicians who embody the independence and style of Barbour International.
We met the talented musician Youngr, to discuss what excites him about Barbour International, and his top tips on surviving this summer’s festival season. Find out what Youngr had to say…
How do you use style to showcase your individuality?
I think you gotta use what you got, you know. I only discovered I had this stupid curly hair like a year ago. It’s been on my head the whole time and, yeah. If you’ve got something cool and you’ve got something quirky you can flaunt it, don’t hide it. Let it be free. Let it roam free *shakes head and laughs*.
What excites you about Barbour International?
I love the free spirit of the brand and you know Steve McQueen is the grandaddy of cool, so...
Choose three words to describe your fashion style.
Funky, fresh, and silky.
What are your on the road must-haves?
On the road must-haves? A shoe horn - essential every day. Makes your life a little bit easier. Floss, and one more must-have? Good people!
What are your top tips for surviving festival season?
It kinda ties into the other one, ‘surround yourself with good people’. You know, going on the road with people you actually like, because it makes a big difference when you can have fun on the road. Also, expect a disaster. You know you go on stage and there are twenty bands that have played before you and after you, and you’ve got 20 minutes to get on and off. So just expect a disaster, and anything above that will be great. Expect the worst, but it’ll probably be awesome.
Where do you find inspiration when writing music?
In life - everyday things. Travelling as well is a big thing, and meeting people, language barriers, relationships. It’s all real-- it’s all real stuff that goes into the songs. You know, just living life.
How has touring and playing live shows affected your outlook on life?
It hasn’t really affected, it hasn’t really changed it, it’s more enhanced the fact that I believe that happiness and love is the key to everything. Like I love going on stage and seeing people smile. It gives me such an amazing feeling making them smile, and that is the key to the soul for the most part, it’s happiness, love, and being together. There’s a togetherness at a show which I love and um yeah it kinda enhances all that.
What’s the most memorable time you’ve had on tour?
*laughs* I was out in New York and every good story starts with that doesn’t it? Loads of hairspray in the ol’ curls, and it was like 2 in the morning and I decided to put my head down on a bar and there was a candle there. My hair went WOOSH (*makes fire noises and waves arms*) like green flames flying out my hair. I had like four people patting down my hair. So that was my favourite moment on tour *laughs*.
Tell us about your latest collaboration with Clean Cut Kid for ‘Vitamin C'. 
I went to Uni with those guys! They're all awesome. I've always loved the song and found out they were rereleasing it, so I called up Mike and was like, ‘HEY! LET ME DO A REMIX!’. The rest is history! 
Youngr wore our B.Intl Steve McQueen Wit Slim Fit Shirt paired with our B.Intl Hyatt Over Shirt.
Lastly, you’re playing Latitude and Longitude this weekend - any artists you’re looking forward to seeing whilst you’re there?
Really looking forward to seeing ‘The Very Best’. Love their style and grooves!
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