#BarbourIntSummer: White Lies Q&A

Next up in our #BarbourIntSummer series, we met up with Charles, Harry and Jack of English post-punk band, White Lies.

July 5th 2017
This #BarbourIntSummer we’re giving you a glimpse into the lives of four handpicked musicians who embody the independence and style of Barbour International.
We caught up with White Lies, to discuss the inspiration behind their fourth album ‘Friends’, and how they use style to show their individuality. Find out what the guys from White Lies had to say…
What was the inspiration behind your fourth album release, “Friends”?
Harry: We had lots of inspirations on this album, we explored a lot of themes that we’ve never really done before when we were writing, and because we didn’t use a producer you can hear a lot from the early demos that we wrote and made in the final record.
That’s kind of unusual for a White Lies record; they’re usually a lot more polished than that. So that’s definitely an aspect of the record I really like, that you can hear the individual songs that really inspired us when we were writing. Each song came from somewhere completely different, so it’s kinda hard to talk about anything specific.
What is your most memorable moment on tour?
Charles: We’ve had so many memorable moments and we’re sort of reminded of them all the time because of other moments that occur. The other day for example, Jack and I were doing a DJ set in Bucharest in Romania and we were reminded of the time that we played a festival there as a live band with the Killers and it was just the worst rainstorm you could ever imagine – like Jumanji scale rain, so that was very memorable. There’s too many to think of but they keep happening…
When you’re on tour, what are your “must haves”?
Jack: When White Lies tour, if we’re in the UK, I always take a full coffee setup with me. I really like doing that. I have a particular way to enjoy coffee in the morning, so I take several items which are not necessary but I take them…
Do you have any pre-show rituals?
Charles: I used to always have a nap
Harry: Yeah, I’ve been known to be asleep 20 mins before we get onstage. Ususually only when we’re jetlagged. We just kinda relax; we listen to a lot of music - it gets progressively louder as we get closer to the show. Jack and I like to warm up quite a little, I mean Jack plays the drums so he needs to warm up, and I sing so it’s always good to get things going before you get on stage.
How do you use your style to show your individuality?
Harry: I think the best way to be truly individual when you’re choosing clothes is just to go on your basic instinct. Choose something you think looks good and don’t really hesitate about it.
What excites you about the Barbour International clothing + brand?
Charles: Barbour International feels very authentic, there’s not much pretence about it. There’s a lot of practical clothing but also, it just feels quite honest and I think as a band we really don’t try and fluff ourselves up too much. It’s not trying to mask anyone in something it’s just sort enhancing what they’re about.
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What are your top tips to survive festival season?
Jack: I think if you can be clever and not destroy yourself on night one then you will be playing the long game and you might enjoy the rest of your festival experiences - it’s important to pace yourself.
How do you spend your time when you’re not on the road?
Harry: I spend all of my time when I’m back home playing the piano pretty much.
Charles: I think we all try to do quite simple things when we’re not on tour. I personally am trying to do less and less when I’m not on tour, and we’re quite active, we all cook, we go to the gym. 
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