#BarbourIntSummer: Rose Gray Q&A

Last up in our #BarbourIntSummer series, we met up with musician Rose Gray, who chats to us about her go-to fashion style for living in London and the inspiration behind her music.

July 21st 2017
This #BarbourIntSummer we’re giving you a glimpse into the lives of four handpicked musicians who embody the independence and style of Barbour International.
We caught up with singer/songwriter Rose Gray, to discuss what advice she’d give musicians just starting out and her timeless fashion style. Find out what Rose Gray had to say…
What excites you about the Barbour International Brand?
It really represents what I’m about; it's classic, authentic, and has that real London vibe. You couldn’t put an era onto the clothing, it’s just great clothes made really well. I also love that it started off as Motorcycle jackets in 1936, that’s cool.
Being from London how does your city affect your style?
London is the epicentre of culture, fashion and music… for me it’s always been a playground to be able to dress and express myself with what I wear. London gives me a lot of freedom.
What advice would you give to musicians just starting out?
I would say love what you do, stay inspired, and work hard. Things have a funny way of falling into pace. 
Choose three words to describe your fashion style?
Oh I’d say timeless, classic and comfy. 
What does a traditional week/weekend style look like for you?
It’s always a little different and depends on how I’m feeling, but as an example, this week I’ve wore flares and a t-shirt, trainers and a little cord 60’s inspired cap. Come the weekend, maybe a fitted skirt, polo and classic jacket. 
Where do you find inspiration for your song writing and music?
I write about how I’m feeling, usually as a poem or just words on my notes. When I come into the studio, that is then translated into the music. Musically, my inspiration comes from the music I love and grew up on; The Beatles, Lauryn Hill, Amy Winehouse, Prince, Dusty… the list could go on.  
What are your top tips to survive the festival season?
Haha, I’d say pace yourselves. Remember in Britain the evenings are chilly, so always have a cosy jumper or jacket tied around your waist…be prepared and stay hydrated.
Rose Gray wore our B.Intl Tain Wax Jacket.


Your new single is ‘Give it all to you’ - what inspired it?
The song is about ‘giving someone’ your all and not getting it back. It was written about how I felt one day. The words are thoughtful and melancholy - contrasting the uplifting, fun Motown vibe which I love. The sound is inspired by my queens... Franklin, Springfield and Bassey. 
What inspired you to make videos for each track on your EP?
I love to tell stories and I have a real passion for film, so it’s really important for me to be able to give a visual for my music, and tell the story. We sort of just decided why not make every song into a music video and it actually happened. I’ve been really lucky to be surrounded by creative souls who helped me make many of my ideas and visions come to life.
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