#BarbourIntSummer: Meet Earl

First up in our #BarbourIntSummer series, we meet up with Earl, now residing in the UK, the American singer-songwriter chats to us about Glastonbury and our latest Barbour International collection.

June 28th 2017
This #BarbourIntSummer we’re giving you a glimpse into the lives of four handpicked musicians who embody the independence and style of Barbour International.
We managed to catch up with the singer-songwriter, Earl, to discuss her inspiration for music and what is next for her in the music world...
Firstly, you’ve just performed at Glastonbury Festival for the very first time, how was the experience?
It was great, people were dancing and sometimes kissing to some of the songs. They were shouting out for Tongue Tied, I loved it! 
How do you use your style to show your individuality?
I think using my style to showcase my individuality is just a wonderful opportunity to mix things up and take different genres, different influences, different decades and really just embrace everything that you find natural to you so that you can just be authentic in who you are.
What excites you about the Barbour International clothing & brand?
What excites me about Barbour International is that it reminds me of Elvis in the best way. I’m the biggest Elvis fan, I love his songs. I sing them at karaoke. I sing them in the shower, and I just really feel like they’re honouring this really classic, timeless, iconic image that is unmistakable and I get to put that on and feel really true to the independence that has been claimed from a very long time ago.

Choose three words to describe your fashion style.
Glamour, desire, and vivaciousness.
 Pictured our B.Intl Durness Casual Jacket.
When you’re on tour, what are your “must haves”?
My must-haves would have to be, black skinny jeans, some boots and red lipstick!
What are your top tips to survive festival season?
I’m a big believer in “glamping”. I do not cut corners, I will show up with a small house. This is so I always have somewhere to recuperate and rest so that I can really enjoy myself when I get out and it seems really simple, but in this weather, some kind of weatherproof clothing, like the B.Intl Wax Jackets.
Where do you find your inspiration for your songwriting?
It can come from anywhere, from a real life situation or just be inspired about a topic that I want to emulate or a character I want it to happen to. I love word play, I study all different eras of songs and I try and blend unexpected mixes of different styles of music.
How has touring and playing live shows affected your outlook on life?
What I’ve realized by being a live performer is that everyone wants to be invited and everyone wants to be themselves. So, when I realize how nervous people can get on my behalf, it really helps me to relax and enjoy the show and just gives them everything I can and just be as natural as possible because that’s all everyone wants is permission to be accepted and to be a part of the group.
You’ve had the opportunity to tour with Bryan Ferry and Rick Astley, what’s been the most memorable moment?
I couldn’t believe that every night Bryan Ferry got on stage and thanked me for warming up the crowd for him. It was just an incredible moment to be recognized by someone so epic. My favourite moment with Rick Astley was I was doing a sound check and I heard a guitar playing and I don’t have a guitarist in my band at the moment and it was Rick. He was on stage, playing my song with me, crashing my song.
Lastly, what is next in the world of Earl?
I'm playing Cornbury Festival and also Blackheath. Next week doing TV in Ireland on the Nathan Carter Show. The new single 'All That Glitters' is starting to get plays on the radio and the album comes out July 28th! 
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