#BarbourIntSessions – Meet Tiggs Da Author

Over the next few weeks we'll be bringing you live sessions with four inspiring up and coming artists. Discover Tiggs Da Author, the first artist in our #BarbourIntSessions series...

November 22nd 2017
In the coming weeks, we'll be bringing you exclusive live sessions with some of the most inspiring, upcoming artists as part of our #BarbourIntSessions live music series.
First up in our live series is London-based singer-songwriter, Tiggs Da Author, whose unique blend of soul and jazz, with a modern twist, is getting us excited for his live session on Monday 27th November at 7pm on our Facebook page. Ahead of his #BarbourIntSessions livestream, find out what inspires him...  
I’ve had a pretty crazy journey so far, loads of ups and downs. I started off as a producer, my best friend used to be a DJ and he used to DJ garage music, grime, reggae and I used to follow him to pirate stations. At his house, he had a PC where he used to mix and make beats, so I started off as a producer learning that. From there on, I started getting into studio sessions with different people and got into songwriting because I used to get ideas that came to my mind all the time, so I thought ‘let me start songwriting’.
Most of the songs I write, including the songs that I’m gonna be performing (at the live session on Monday), are inspired by my childhood. I moved from Tanzania to London when I was 8 years old, with most of the songs, I’m talking about how I’m adapting to the lifestyle of coming here, not knowing how to speak English, learning how to make friends, growing up in South London, seeing everything that I saw, so it’s literally a little diary of my teenage years.
Tiggs wears the B.Intl Merchant Wax Jacket.
Fashion and culture fit into my music in a sense of fashion is a way of expression and with my music I don’t really hold back anything. I feel like I just need to be myself, I need to be authentic and that’s the same way I look at it with fashion.
On Monday I’ll be performing two of my favourite tracks. ‘Swear Down’, which I released last year as part of my EP Glenville Grove, which talks about growing up in an area where some people have hope, others don’t and you never really know when it’s all going to change. I grew up in South London and I feel there’s a real energy there. ‘Blame It On the Youts’ is a new song, I was inspired to write when I went to Tanzania and it’s about appreciating what you have in life.


Tiggs Da Author will be performing at the first of our #BarbourIntSessions on Monday, November 27th at 7pm. Don't miss his livestream on our Facebook page.
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