#BarbourIntSessions - Meet Sabella

Over the next few weeks we're bringing you live sessions with four inspiring up and coming artists. This week we meet Sabella, the second artist in our #BarbourIntSessions series...

November 28th 2017
We're bringing you exclusive live sessions with some of the most inspiring, upcoming artists as part of our #BarbourIntSessions live music series.
Next up in our live series is London-based singer-songwriter, Sabella, who wants to inspire us to be the truest versions of ourselves. You’ll be able to catch her live session on Monday 4th December at 7pm on our Facebook page, but ahead of her #BarbourIntSessions livestream, find out what inspires her music...  
Sabella wears the B.Intl Stroma Leather Jacket with our B.Intl Scrambler Skinny Jeans
I don’t think you can unwind in this city; I actually don’t. I find I unwind at home, I live with four girls, and they’re all a bit mental, but there’s definitely a familiarity there, so that’s probably where I unwind in the truest sense.
The people that I surround myself with inspire me and my music. And in terms of what inspires my music, I think I’m just like a homogenous blob. I intake so many things, I consume so many things and that comes out in my music. It’s a little bit of everything.
Sabella wears the B.Intl Gleann Quilted Jacket
In my artistry, fashion plays a big part because it’s the way that I present myself and that marries my music, so it’s all one. And culture again, I live in this time with you and with everyone, and you’re constantly influenced by the culture, it would be impossible not to be.  I'm sure that infiltrates my music and even the way I write, or the sounds that I use.
When I look at Barbour International as a brand, it matches with what I try to be as an artist. It’s very free-spirited, and for me, that means being comfortable with yourself. In my artistry, I  try to be as honest with myself as I can, so it's nice to work with a brand that does the same thing.
The songs I've chosen to play on Monday are ‘Fortress’ and ‘Falling Without Feeling.' ‘Fortress’ is my newest single and it’s about feeling empowered, forgetting your inhibitions, getting in touch with yourself, being in your head and finding freedom in that.
I’ve chosen this particular venue because I almost see Tileyard as a second home now. I've met so many amazing musicians here, and that allowed me the opportunity to hone my songwriting, working with different people, with different energies, and I've learned so much. I’ve grown a lot as an artist here, so it's nice to come back and be able to perform. 
Sabella wears the B.Intl Cadwell Knitted Sweater

Don't miss Sabella’s live session with be live streamed on our Facebook page on Monday, December 4th at 7pm. Join the conversation using #BarbourIntSessions.
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