#BarbourInternational: Iconic Motorcycle Locations

This week, in celebration of Barbour International and our resolution to spend more time on the road, we’re looking at some of the most iconic biking locations to visit in the UK…

January 9th 2018
We’re discovering the history of Mark Wilsmore’s well-known re-opening of London’s Ace Café, and finding out more about Birmingham-based custom bike manufacturers, Mutt Motorcycles.

Bolt London 

Founded by Andrew Almond in 2013, Bolt can be found on Bouverie Road in London. Since its opening, it has become an iconic venue within the motor-biking scene priding itself on championing its authentic and rich biker culture through their clothing and customised bikes.
Their garage is at the centre of what Bolt do. From offering services and repairs in both classic and custom bikes to building custom motorbikes from scratch, Bolt believe a bespoke motorcycle should fit like a tailored suit, adhere to your style of riding and be unique, to stand out from the crowd. They have in-house mechanics, craftsmen and painters to transform any ride. Also, Bolt provide workshops to keep your hands nice and oily whilst you learn all about motorcycle building.
By creating Bolt, Andrew has built a community of interest which extending his passion for creative projects. From building unique motorcycles to hosting events, Bolt is a really cool place to hang out whilst meeting the team!

Ace Cafe

The Ace Cafe was first established in 1938 on the new North Circular Road surrounding London. It soon became popular with motorcycle enthusiasts who used the Cafe as a meeting point. In 1940 it was badly damaged in an air raid in World War II, and had to be re-built in a temporary location – the Cafe increased in popularity and many young people started to meet at the cafe with their motorcycles and listen to rock'n'roll. In 1969 the Ace Cafe sadly had to close again due to the expansion of the motorway.
Having grown up riding motorbikes and enjoying rock n’ roll music, in 1993, Mark Wilsmore believed the Ace Cafe had to be re-opened. This inspired him to organise the Ace Cafe Reunion of 1994, twenty-five years after its closing. It attracted as many as 12,000 visitors and the cafe was reopened in 1997, with complete refurbishment completed by 2001 and still remains home to many events and meet-ups.

Mutt Motorcycles

Located in the creative corner of Birmingham - the historic heart of British motorcycling, Mutt Motorcycles is the brainchild of renowned custom bike builder Benny Thomas. Mutt, manufacture a range of motorcycles from 125cc to 500cc, their bikes are cool yet accessible retro-styled machines, with classic British styling.
Mutt is different to other motorcycle manufacturers in their approach to the industry, each of their bikes are hand built by their team and can be customized to customer specification. From paint, to frame mods, to a simple change of handlebars and grips, they can make each Mutt Motorcycle unique whilst retaining a sensible price tag.
Their location in Birmingham houses their factory, clothing store, a coffee shop, and an events space – creating a Motorcycle lifestyle hub that is a really cool place to ride to and hang out. 
Discover more about Mutt Motorcycles' founder Benny Thomas, and Ace Cafe's Mark Wilsmore.