#BarbourDogs: The Harrington’s Dogs Guide to Crufts

Meet guest bloggers Bunty, Walter, and Mojo and follow their guide to this year’s Crufts.

March 1st 2017
You may recognize our guest bloggers from the Harrington’s TV ad...
Meet Bunty, a German Wire Haired Pointer who loves a cuddle, Walter, a cheeky, food-obsessed Beagle, and Mojo, a sociable Fauve de Bretagne. 
This mischievous trio is your backstage pass to Crufts 2017, giving you the lowdown on the event’s best bits and not-to-be-sniffed-at moments. 
Bunty here! Crufts is such a one-off show and there is so much to visit and see that I get quite excited! Meeting my friends – four-legged and two-legged – is my favorite thing.
Everything is worth watching - from the breed rings, to the obedience ring and the activity ring. Also there are lots of stands with so many canine products - but my first love is food so that’s where you’ll find me, looking appealingly at people to let me sample their treats.
If you’re bringing a human with you, you might want to visit the picnic area. They’ll love all the different sorts of food available - from tasty baguettes, pie and mash, sandwiches, to ice cream and sweets. There’re also a bar!
Mojo here. When I’m not being a famous actor I’m usually sleeping under the cover of my favorite chair, going for walks or playing with the other dogs I live with.
Crufts has everything dog-related (what’s not to like?!) but the best bit is discover dogs where you can meet all the different breeds and learn all about them. It’s great if you’re thinking of getting a dog or just love dogs!
Hi, I’m Walter. I’m a rescue dog and I love affection, the beach and stealing food.
The agility competition is my top tip for any visit to Crufts. I had a go at an agility event once so I like to keep an eye on the competition. But to be honest I’d rather be sitting on mum’s settee than leaping over jumps. 
My friend Pumpkin is competing in the Mastiffs group. He’s great so when I’m there I want to cheer him on. I’ll also be hanging out with the other Harringtons dogs at the stand and saying hello to people coming to see us on Sunday. Pop by and give me a belly rub. I’ll be sporting my Barbour coat so you’ll be able to spot me!
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