#BarbourDogs: Introducing Animal Nutritionist, Emma Passman

Introducing Harrington's Pet Food's Animal Nutritionist, Emma. We met her and her two pooches to find out what food helps keep your #BarbourDogs healthy and happy.

February 23rd 2017
Driving up a winding farm track through the beautiful North Yorkshire countryside we arrived at a farm on a rise overlooking rolling hills, to meet Emma Passman, Animal Nutritionist at Harrington’s Pet Food.
Emma comes from a family of animal lovers, who, at 10 years old was already responsible for two dogs, a rabbit, two cats and two horses. Today Emma has two horses, Archie and Alice, and two dogs, Holly, a 3 year old Labrador and a 15 month old Cockerpoo called Mylo.  

“Holly is a beautiful dog and spends a lot of time with my partner who is a tree surgeon. She’s even trained to retrieve fallen branches! Mylo was re-homed by us, he’s a bit of a handful, but is making great progress.”

Emma’s day often involves researching and sourcing new ingredients, she also continually works hard to follow what is going on in human food industry health trends.
So what would Emma recommend to us dog lovers to keep our four legged friends happy and healthy?
“The dog has evolved alongside us and has adjusted nutritional requirements accordingly; a proportion of carbohydrate for energy, a small proportion of fat for energy and skin health, and fibre to help the digestion. As a healthy treat on a special occasion; a little fresh cooked chicken or scrambled eggs!”
As Holly and Mylo dashed about our feet it seemed natural to ask what to feed an active dog.
“Unless your dog is an extreme case i.e. a working sheep dog or gun dog, not much adjustment is needed to their diet other than feeding a little more food and some people with very active dogs do supplement the diet with fresh meat.”
As your dog ages Emma explained that if your dog is fit, active and enjoys his food there is no real need to make changes. “If you look after your dog’s health throughout his life (in particular maintain a healthy weight) it will help keep problems in old age a bay.”  
Before we headed north back to Barbour HQ in South Shields, we asked Emma to offer some advice to those considering becoming first time dog owners. 
“Aside from food, becoming a dog owner is about the time required – it’s a long term commitment, they will be part of the family. Consider future plans that could be impacted by having a dog such as moving house or starting a family."
Regarding food there are many good dog foods out there. Primarily find a food that suits your dog and your pocket, and naturally I would recommend Harrington’s Pet Food!”
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