#BarbourChristmas: Liz Joy of Pure Joy Home

We spoke with Liz Joy of Pure Joy Home about her family tradition of exploring outdoors to escape the hectic pace of the holiday season.

December 7th 2017
Liz Joy of Pure Joy Home, husband Brian, and their two children, Brian and Grace, ages 4 and 2, love to take advantage of the outdoor space around their Connecticut home, especially this time of year.
In spite of the colder temperatures and shorter days, Liz says, her young children’s energy levels never wane. During the colder months, the family takes to the outdoors to enjoy the fresh air and New England landscapes with a variety of activities.
Liz wears the Barbour Skandi Hat and Scarf.
“For me there's nothing better than family time, especially when we get to go outside play, run and laugh,” says Brian, Liz’s husband. “It takes me back to being a kid again where my favorite memories were made, and now I get to do that with my own family.”
One of their favorite ways to enjoy the fresh air is a nice hike. Parks and trails are accessible year round, but they enjoy these hikes most during the colder months. “The foliage is beautiful and there are endless ways to teach Brian and Grace about nature while we’re walking,” says Liz. Each child carries a basket on these walks and loads them up with treasures such as pinecones, rocks, leaves, and sticks. When they arrive home, they study each item.
Brian wears the Barbour Powell Quilt Jacket with the Barbour Spate Half Zip Jumper and Brian and Grace wear the Barbour Children's Bedale Wax Jacket.
This has led to the introduction of scavenger hunts for Brian and Grace. Liz creates a list of things that might be found in the woods - “a certain type of leaf, a certain color rock, a stick that’s 11 inches long” – and encourages the two to search for them during outdoor walks.
Grace, who loves to play outdoors, will grab any item that appeals to her. Brian, however, makes it his mission to find everything on the list, measuring sticks, turning over rocks, and searching through leaves.  “He loves it and feels so accomplished when he finds what he needs,” she says.
Finally, when the family spends time outdoors, they can temporarily escape from the demands of the holiday season.  “Life is so busy it seems these days, especially with the holidays around the corner,” says Liz. “It’s amazing to be in the middle of the woods where no one can find you.”
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