Barbour International T-Shirts: Meet Paul Hayes

We caught up with House of Fraser Senior Buyer, Paul Hayes to discuss our latest Barbour International T-shirts collection...

September 7th 2017
This week as part of our Barbour International T-shirts campaign we met Paul Hayes, Senior Buyer at House of Fraser, to discuss how he discovered Barbour International and what he is looking for in our #BarbourIntTshirts competition. Find out what Paul had to say…
Tell us a little about yourself and your role at House of Fraser?
I’m the Senior Buyer looking after Lifestyle and Casual Brands here at House of Fraser; Barbour International is one of our key brand partners. I work closely with my team here at House of Fraser and with the great team at Barbour International to ensure the range that we develop and select is just right for our customer. We want to make sure that we not only have the familiar favourites and wardrobe classics but we also continue to push the range forward to add excitement, and give our customer something new! This is why the Barbour International T-shirt competition is very exciting!
How did you discover Barbour International?
I’ve known about the 'Barbour' brand since day dot and have been buying the brand for about 5 years for House of Fraser. I’ve always been aware of the key styles; the quilt, the wax - but it was really exciting to hear about its established motorcycle history and Barbour International. I was lucky enough to visit the archives and see some of the originals and key styles such as the sleek iconic “International” Wax Jacket; a classic motor-biking heritage piece brought bang up to date.
The AW17 Barbour International T-shirt collection has been illustrated by some key UK artists and illustrators, with a love of motorcycling. Which pieces in the collection have you selected as heroes from the range?
T-shirts have always worked well for Barbour International – we’ve always sold the classic union jacks very well but it’s great to see some new designs coming through; I’ve especially liked the hand drawn designs which have been a really nice update – old school drawing techniques of vintage motorbike scenes presented in a new and modern way.
You are going to be judging the Barbour International t-shirt competition, where you are giving a lucky winner the opportunity to have their design stocked exclusively in House of Fraser. What are you looking for in the design?
I obviously want something I can sell, commerciality is always important, but I also want something a bit different. We sell a lot of T-shirts in our business – so it would be nice to see a T-shirt that stands out from the others but still looks “Barbour International” and compliments the wider collection.
Paul wears our B.Intl Tyne Waterproof Jacket styled with our B.Intl Grill Tailored Shirt.
Are there any trends in t-shirt prints you think any entrants to the competition should be aware of?
T-shirts, by their very nature are accessible to most of our customers, those customers who want to own part of the brand can normally treat themselves to a T-shirt. It makes this type of product both exciting and varied. We’ve seen a real move towards prints whether it be all-over prints or large photographic statements. Having the brand name displayed is important to both customer and brand alike so if you’re designing for Barbour International make sure it says Barbour International on it.
How would you style the Barbour International t-shirts into an outfit?
There are lots of great products that can put together a classic biking look – I’d probably suggest a relaxed rugged look; turn up washed jeans, flannel check shirt, relaxed print T-shirt and of course a staple like the Barbour International Jacket or the “Duke” – add a helmet for safety, sunglasses for “cool” and you’re ready.
Explore more about the collection and competition here and shop the T-shirts