Barbour International Sessions: George Cosby

The Barbour International Facebook Live Sessions are back with our second instalment of the season. Next up is the talented indie singer-songwriter, George Cosby.

April 25th 2017
Up next for the latest instalment of our Barbour International Sessions is George Cosby, who will be playing live from our Piccadilly store on Sunday 30th April at 8pm. You can watch it live, exclusively on our Barbour International Facebook page.
Find out more about what music to expect for those tuning in on Sunday, and what George looks forward to about playing live…
 George wore our B.Intl Steer Crew Neck Jumper.
What kind of music can those tuning in to the #BarbourIntSession on Sunday expect from you if they are not familiar with your sound already?
I will be playing a few songs with an intimate arrangement, just a guitar and voice, which I am very much looking forward to. My music can be widescreen and quite grand at times, it takes influences from a number of different places, but hopefully the essence of the music is held in the voice and lyrics.
Who or what inspired you to pursue a career in music?
It was just something that I have always loved, to be part of and as a fan, so it felt like something I had to try. There definitely have been certain artists who have really inspired me along the journey so far. Paul Simon is someone whose writing places him at the high table. His mix of both lyrical idea and melody is always very interesting. Leonard Cohen and Nick Cave are fascinating writers too - their lyrics make songs stand the test of time.
Music and style have always been associated with one another, how do you use clothing to project your musical persona?
It is so closely linked and as you say your appearance, along with the music, helps to form the personality of the artist. I see it as an opportunity to embody what the music and lyrics are trying to say, but also to experiment.
Barbour International has its roots in motorcycle clothing, why do you think motorcycle style is so often adopted by musicians?
I think it comes down to a sense of freedom, a motorcycle can take you anywhere, you are not tied down and music in its roots is something that can do that too. Playing music is an expression, and allows you to embrace emotions or stories that perhaps you could not in your day to day.
 Pictured our B.Intl Oynx Parka Wax Jacket.
You live in London – how does the city and the people in it inspire or influence your music?
London is obviously such a centre for the arts generally, and we are very lucky here to have almost every artist pass through. It is a very open, fast paced and cultured city, which definitely rubs off on lyrics.
What exclusive news can you give us on your music – is there a new single coming out or a festival you are playing?
I’m working away on new material, it won’t be too long…
 George wore our B.Intl Speedrome Slim Fit Shirt.
You have been touring recently, what do you look forward to about playing live?
Playing live is possibly my favourite part of the whole experience. You are making songs not only for yourself, but also for your fans, or potential fans, so to be able to share that moment is quite a special. You meet new people and travel to new places, which is something I love anyway, so the combination works pretty well.
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