Barbour International: Q&A with Illustrator, Jemma Wade

We caught up with Illustrator, Jemma Wade to discuss what inspires her work and how she is approaching style this summer…

April 13th 2017
Hailing from the North East we caught up with Illustrator, Jemma Wade over breakfast at her favourite cafe, Flat White, to find out more about life in the illustration world and what #ForTheFreeSprited means to her…
Jemma, you are a freelance illustrator, can you tell us about what inspires you to create and what method you use in your illustration?
A lot of my first illustrations are inspired by nature. It would completely depend on my mood, but I use to love creating pieces with beautiful floral patterns. My main method for creating my illustrations is black work using fine liners, I’ve tried using other art styles but nothing has ever suited as much as dot work does.
What would your dream illustration job be?
I’d have to say creating dot work tattoo flash or creating illustrations for shirts. I love being able to do my own thing, and create what I can visualise in my mind. Being able to create illustrations without a brief and being able to go completely wild with my imagination is the dream!
You hail from, the North East of England like us here at Barbour International. Tell me why you think this area is such a hub of creative talent and innovation?
I’ve travelled all over the UK numerous times and as much as I love traveling to other cities there’s just something about the North East and the people that reside here that makes it so special. I’ve met some of the most passionate and hardworking people in the north east, as well as some of the most talented.
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We noticed from your Instagram that you have a love of music. Which musicians and bands are on your playlist at the moment and what was the last gig you went to?
I was brought up listening to the likes of Whitesnake and Black Sabbath thanks to my lovely mum, so I still listen to those on a daily basis!
The last gig I went to was Lower than Atlantis at the Newcastle Academy a couple of weeks ago, I absolutely love going to live shows, it means I get to sing like a mad woman and not be judged!
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Barbour International’s roots are in motorcycling and that DNA runs through the collections: why do you think motorcycle style is such an iconic and timeless look for women?
I think it’s one of those styles that never truly goes out of fashion with it being a completely season less look. You can pair a leather jacket with anything for a dressed up or dressed down outfit and get away with it! I can think of several occasions I’ve seen one of my favourite inspiring ladies from the 60’s Francoise Hardy pictured wearing biker leathers and if that doesn’t make the look completely iconic and inspiring I don’t know what will.
How are you approaching motorcycle style for summer?
I’ll be approaching it with absolute joy and happiness that’s for sure, I adore being able to wear feminine outfits in the summer and mixing it up a bit with a big biker jacket. There’s nothing better than pairing pretty summer outfits up with masculine coats, they always give you that 50/50 tomboy to chic look which is completely perfect.
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This season we are celebrating the independent people who wear our Barbour International collection with our #ForTheFreeSpirited campaign. What does being free spirited mean to you?
This campaign is an absolute dream, I’ve made several posts my social media channels about how important it is to realise its okay to be yourself and to accept things as they are. Being free spirited to me means understanding yourself, and the world around you and following your goals and dreams regardless if they seem daft to others.
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