Barbour International: Nas Abraham, Visual Artist

We met up with Visual Artist Nas Abraham, who gave us an insight into his creative world and how he discovered our motorcycle inspired brand, Barbour International.

July 12th 2016

Nas Abraham isn’t content to just follow in the shadows of those before him and admits, "I strive to always create something original whether it's artwork, business strategy or personal style".   

Nas wears the Barbour International Mono Shock Slim Fit Shirt.


After earning a Bachelor's Degree in Fashion Illustration at the London College of Fashion, Nas directs and conceptualises photo shoots, amongst other creative projects.   

Nas layers his shirt with the Barbour International 9665 Wax Jacket from the Steve McQueen collection.


As a multi-media Visual Artist, doing things differently has always appealed to Nas, who has extensive experience creating content for some of the world’s biggest fashion brands.

When we sat down with him, he spoke in detail about adopting “a positive mindset in order to find inspiration in any environment”. Nas tells us “Urban areas are often the least constricted by convention, so the rawest creativity can often be found there. The biggest creative challenge is to filter out visuals absorbed over the years, there's the constant tension that nothing is original and instead derives from what we have seen”. 

Nas' goal through his work is to encourage positive change. "I want to be in a position to be able to make an effective change in how things are run, influence industries and to help a generation of incredibly talented younger creatives.”

After being a fan of Barbour for years, Barbour International has been a more recent discovery. 

For Nas, the brand integrates his love of fashion, whilst allowing self-expression. "I discovered Barbour International a few years ago when I was walking past the store in Covent Garden, the store had a very well executed concept and decor. I own the brown waxed Steve McQueen jacket from the current collection, I was so surprised by the fit of the jacket and how versatile it is."