Barbour International: #ForTheFreeSpirited – Toria Jaymes

Last up in our #ForTheFreeSpirited campaign, we caught up with Toria Jaymes, the creative behind design studio ‘Stay Outside’.

September 11th 2017
In the Barbour International #ForTheFreeSpirited campaign we’re giving you an insight into the lives of six creatives who embody the free spirited attitude and style of Barbour International…
We met up with illustrator and graphic designer Toria Jaymes. She chats to us about why she started Stay Outside and what advice she would give her younger self. Find out what Toria had to say…
Please can you introduce yourself and tell us a little more about what you do and why it’s so unique?
My Name is Toria Jaymes and I’m a multi-disciplined creative working under the guise of “Stay Outside”.I’ve been in the industry for over 12 years, and my skills span illustration, graphics and digital design for both print and web. Since creating “Stay Outside”, I have spent more time as an artist and illustrator, often working with record labels and the music industry. I have also been working on many projects in the motorbike world.
I’ve found that pursuing work in subcultures and scenes I love and I'm a part of, has really allowed my name as an artist to grow, with fun creative collaborations springing from this passion.  It’s been great to see Stay Outside as a brand, growing organically. I love what I do as a creative, but there are other aspects to life I love as well, such as racing flat track/dirt track and being a part of that scene as well as the custom bike culture and the general world of motorbikes.
Why did you make the decision to take this direction and not follow convention?
At a rather young age, I intended to carve a future pursuing what I loved. I recall telling others that if you create a job for yourself that you would do for free in your spare time, as you would a hobby, because you were passionate about it then success would come naturally. I still very much believe that today and that notion has never faltered in my mind.
When I created Stay Outside, it had two meanings for me. One; to not be afraid of not fitting in, to be comfortable with being outside the societal “template for life” - defying social norms. Two; to get out of the grey concrete cities and into the green and the blue of nature. That certainly keeps what really matters in life at the forefront for me.
If you could give your younger self advice on the following subjects, what would they be?
Don’t look for a career or job. Look for what you want to do with your life and you can create a living from that. You will always be successful when you love waking up each day to do what you are passionate and excited about. Money will follow and success is measured in more ways than the size of your bank balance.
Style is another form of self-expression, and that comes from within. Allowing your true nature to shine is the most important thing.  Be creative with yourself, have fun with your image and style and do not take it seriously. I have been a bit of a chameleon over the years, using myself as a canvas. I can laugh at the weird things I chose to accessorise with and the hair colours and the perms (when it wasn’t “in”). I like clothes that keep me free, not limit me. I want to be able to jump on a motorbike or pick up my skateboard and not be held back.
Confidence and self-belief are good self-support mechanisms. When you don’t get recognition for your achievements or if you’re being challenged in some way that could hurt your feelings, having confidence in your convictions and actions helps you bounce back and keep pushing on. But also be humble and grateful and treat others as you wish to be treated in return. 
Break out of social expectations of who's got what and where you expected to be by now. Forget your age! It is irrelevant, it serves as nothing but a hindrance to your goals in life. Be a dreamer and pursue them, one step at a time. Experiment, explore, face fears, share, give back and be playful with your life. Nurture altruism and you will feel free.
What is your essential everyday kit?
I have a checklist of items in my life that I end up taking everywhere with me. These are comfort, durability and free from harm. So finding a tough jacket I can wear as my body armour while riding my motorbike, is everything to me! One that also works off the bike is a bonus. My Barbour International Tain Wax Jacket is one of those. Then I try to also pack some enthusiasm and a sense of humour before leaving the house!

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