Barbour International: ForTheFreeSpirited - Sara Darling

This week in our #ForTheFreeSpirited campaign we catch up with fashion editor and stylist Sara Darling.

October 9th 2017
In our Barbour International #ForTheFreeSpirited campaign we're giving you an insight into the lives of creatives who embody the free spirited attitude and style of Barbour International...

We caught up with fashion editor and stylist Sara Darling. Starting her career at the iconic The FACE magazine, Sara has since carved her career as a fashion editor and stylist. We find out what drives her to do what she does…
What makes your free spirited?
I am free spirited because I love what I do and I do what I love! I am lucky enough to be independent and don’t have to rely on anyone, so I can live the life I want to. I don’t mind being alone, equally I am happy in lots of company. I just do as I please, when I please. 
Why do you do what you do?
I am a freelance stylist, writer and magazine editor. 
Tell us about your typical day?
There is no such thing as a typical day for me. One day I might have an editorial photo shoot, another I will be working with a singer or celebrity, or I might be off to interview someone for one of my clients.  If I am working from home I always check my social whilst I am in bed, and then come downstairs and set up camp with my laptop and Radio 6 so I can get on with research, writing and planning. 
What advice would you give to your younger self?
Don’t be intimidated! Everyone has to start somewhere. 
How did you get to where you are today?
I started my media career at The Face magazine! I always thought I wanted to be a TV presenter, but there wasn’t much call for that in Wales… From there I fell in with the fashion crowd and started freelance styling. Styling led to more magazine work and in turn that led to writing - which I had studied... so I have come full circle, and now do both! I also co-founded 55Pages magazine in 2013 and that has given me lots of opportunities.
Tell us why you selected these pieces from the Barbour International collection?
I selected these pieces as they are a classic combination - biker jacket, white t-shirt and jeans. They are timeless and are great pieces for a capsule wardrobe.
What does the Barbour International brand stand for to you?
Barbour International is a sign of great British heritage and is the go to brand for luxury, quality items that you know will last.
Sara wore our B.Intl Stroma Leather Jacket styled with our B.Intl Tain T-Shirt.
Tell us your thoughts on the product?
I love the product! The quality is sublime, it's super comfortable and the fit is great!
Why do you like the Barbour International brand?
I like Barbour International as it's been around for so long that you know that you are buying into a piece of British culture and history.
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