Barbour International: ForTheFreeSpirited - Christopher Sims

In the latest instalment of our #ForTheFreeSpirited campaign we meet Fashion Photographer Christopher Sims.

October 16th 2017
In our Barbour International #ForTheFreeSpirited campaign we're giving you an insight into the lives of creatives who embody the free spirited attitude and style of Barbour International...
We meet London based Fashion Photographer and the Creative Director of 55pages Magazine, Christopher Sims. With over 20 years of experience in the industry producing images for the likes of Elle, Grazia and Vogue amongst more, we catch up with him about his work...
What advice would you give to your younger self?
Be happier and not so affected by situations out of your control. Although this isn't really relevant to your journey, all aspects of life shape your identity and destiny. But being more thick-skinned could have been good, maybe.
How did you get to where you are today?
With a lack of confidence and the fear that 'my life would slide out of view' - this was the biggest reason to fight hard to be independent and achieve what I set out to do. I was determined to not have a predictable life.
These ideas of success changes with time, but I seemed to have the ability to reinvent myself if needed and hopefully for the right reasons. Evolution of oneself is crucial for life's success. Learning from experiences, not backing down to fools, accepting when I am the fool, and having a strong idea of respect for myself and others around me. It also took a lot of work and determination. But for me the survival has always been essential to my journey. Along with some amazing, loyal friends and my partner - without these people having faith and support in me along the way, then I couldn't have got to where I am today.
Tell us why you selected these pieces from the Barbour International collection?
I just love my Barbour International Jacket; it's become a staple part of my wardrobe and it's a classic.
I don't usually wear regular jeans, but I am really enjoying the Barbour Intenational ones I have. Having a simple jumper is key to my wardrobe, and you will always see me in a cardigan or jumper that's not flashy. It's really about the comfort in this cold climate.
Tell us your thoughts on the product?
It is simple, easy to wear, makes a statement without it being an overstatement! This is perfect for me and my day-to-day lifestyle.
Why do you like the Barbour International brand?
I am sat in my Barbour International Jacket now while working in my studio. I can pop out quickly, or, as I did the other evening, attend a premiere in my jacket and be complimented on how good I look! What else is there to say?
What does the Barbour International brand stand for to you?
I believe it stands for heritage, comfort, durability and quality. I love Barbour International because the brand doesn't wear me: I wear the brand. I hardly ever wear branded clothing, it's just not my style - but I wear Barbour without any problem.
What makes you free spirited?
I would say I'm free spirited because I'm predictably unpredicatble to start! I have spent my adult life striving for the goals I want, not the goals I am told I should achieve. It's always easier to be told what to do, but I have always avoided being told what to do, how to live, how to behave. You are always against the odds when you live your life by your own terms. That makes me free spirited.
Christopher wears our B.Intl Slim International Wax Jacket styled with our B.Intl Hasp Crew Neck Sweater.
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