Barbour International #ForTheFreeSpirited Campaign

We’re celebrating the launch of our SS17 Barbour International collection with our #ForTheFreeSpirited campaign.

February 2nd 2017
The Barbour International attitude portrays a state of mind that is not always about following a conventional route. When creating the campaign for our most recent SS17 Barbour International collection, our minds were focused on the confident, free and iconic style that the motorcycle inspired collection conveys and consequently #ForTheFreeSpirited was born. 
Throughout the next 2 months you can join us on our journey as we discover the profiles of four free spirits, who choose to decide their own direction.   
Barbour International womenswear celebrates a sense of independence and individuality, offering today’s modern woman a stylish, timeless and confident look. In our campaign you’ll be introduced to Alice Costelleo, a singer-songwriter based in London. Previously part of a band, Alice has taken the brave steps to becoming a solo artist, Alice’s confidence encapsulates the Barbour International collection making her the perfect choice for this campaign.  
The Barbour International menswear collection represents the rebellious attitude of the biking world and offers a masculine, assertive and stylish aesthetic. In our campaign we uncover three male profiles that capture the essence of the Barbour International collection and attitudes.  
The compelling voice that can be heard during the main #FortheFreeSpirited campaign video, is the voice of word poet, Mr Gee. Mr Gee’s strong sense of self and passion for word craft shows through in his upcoming profile, where we find out about what inspires his profession and how he connects to Barbour International as a brand.  
The heroes of the motorcycling world are the Custom Bike Engineers, whose excitement for the thrill of the ride runs deep into creating custom bikes personal to the rider’s individuality. During our campaign we’ll be catching up with Rafe Pugh of Old Empire Motorcycles and will be learning about what he loves most about custom bike building.  
Patrick Kafka is a Model and Motorcross Racer, who in his profile, will be sharing his thoughts on being on the open road and how it offers him a sense of freedom “no limits, no borders, nothing that holds me back”.  
As the story unfolds over the coming weeks follow the #ForTheFreeSpirited campaign.
The SS17 Men’s and Women’s Barbour International collection is available to buy in store and online.