Barbour International: In Conversation with Hugh & Johnny

This week for our #BarbourInternational campaign, we discover what happened when Hugh Francis Anderson met Johnny Giles to discuss their passion for motorbiking and current topics in the industry.

March 27th 2018
As part of our Barbour International spring/summer campaign we’re meeting eight personalities split across two generations, who all embody the Barbour International attitudes, to discuss today’s relevant topics. This week we see what happened when Hugh caught up with Johnny to find out their views on the motorcycle lifestyle.
Hugh is a freelance writer who specialises in adventure, motoring and luxury lifestyle. He writes for a range of titles, primarily in the UK, and is also a huge motorcycle enthusiast. Johnny Giles is at the forefront of British motorcycling. Riding in the International Six Day Trials 15 times, where he won 12 gold medals and three silver, Johnny always used his trusty Triumph motorbike in each of his off-road challenges.
Discover what happened when they both met up at the Triumph Factory and talk through their own experiences of the motorcycling lifestyle, what they love about it and the thrill of racing in trials. We also learn of Johnny’s experiences with riding alongside Steve McQueen in the International Six Day Trials. As they catch up, we hear their differences of opinions, their matching views and also how the future may look through their conversation video…

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