Barbour International: Alyson Walsh

This week for our #BarbourInternational campaign, we meet Alyson Walsh, journalist and founder of ‘That’s Not My Age’.

February 9th 2018
As part of our Barbour International Spring/Summer campaign, we’re meeting eight personalities split across two generations, who all embody the Barbour International attitudes.
We caught up with journalist and author, Alyson Walsh, to discuss what she is most proud of and what Barbour International means to her. See what Alyson had to say...
Tell us about yourself, who you are and what you do.
I’m a freelance journalist, author and founder of the website ‘That’s Not My Age’. My main focus as a writer and editor is on midlife and staying stylish, though having said that, my second book, Know Your Style is for women of all ages. The aim was to talk less about age and more about style. To try to figure out what goes with what (and that was the tentative title of the book at commissioning stage).
How do we know what to buy when our lifestyles are constantly changing – today more people work remotely from home than ever before – and there’s so much on offer! I write for the Financial Times, the Telegraph and the Guardian – and one of my recent highlights was being described by the Daily Telegraph as one of the ‘women over 40 influencing the internet’.
What does Barbour International mean to you?
I’m a fan of great British heritage brands and good design. Clothes that look good and are useful –of style as opposed to fashion. I love the Barbour International motorcycle-inspired Trail Wax Jacket it’s a timeless, ageless classic.
Describe your journey to where you are today?
Having worked in the fashion industry - online and on women’s magazines for many years - I started That’s Not My Age nine-and-a-half-years ago because I felt that women over 40 were being ignored. All the emphasis was on youth and being young and yet I kept seeing all these wonderful, older people every day. After working on a magazine and writing all those prescriptive style rules, I just wanted to talk to women in the way that I talk to my friends.
What are you inspired by?
I’m inspired by women of style and substance, by getting out and about meeting people, going to the cinema and exhibitions. Fortunately, I’ve been lucky enough to interview quite a few of the women who inspire me including: Iris Apfel, Lucinda Chambers, Caroline Issa, Linda Rodin, Pat Cleveland, Michelle Ogundehin, Lyn Slater and many more.
Alyson wears the B.Intl Ladies International Wax Jacket.
Describe your most memorable day at work?
Launching my second book Know Your Style in a store on Fifth Avenue, New York at the end of last year was quite a pinch-yourself moment.
What are you most proud of?
Being at the forefront of an online movement supporting older women. I’m proud of speaking out against ageism and the ridiculous invisibility thing and encouraging change within the fashion industry. I hope ‘That’s Not My Age’ isempowering and fun and offers style advice in a down-to-earth way.
I’m lucky to have a loyal following who I am eternally grateful to because without them my two books wouldn’t exist. I receive lots of lovely, positive messages from my readers and from women at events and book-signings – and this is what makes it all worthwhile.
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