Meet the Barbour Dogs of our Campaigns - Neita and Zilou

Continuing our #BarbourDogs series, we meet Neita and Zilou, who star in our SS17 Tartan campaign. We find out what these two pooches get up to outside of modelling.

March 22nd 2017
This month for #BarbourDogs, we're taking a closer look at the four-legged stars from our SS17 campaigns. Next up, we meet the two pawfect Red Setters from our Barbour Tartan campaign. Neita and Zilou, over to you! 
Name? Our posh names are Ch Copper’s Wine’n Roses and Pawsword Northern Song, Neita and Zilou at home
Neita - Racka (meaning Curly in Hungarian), Neituff 
Zilou - Lulu or Miss Project Manager
Age? Almost 7 and 6.5
 Pictured our Barbour Tartan Web Dog Lead.
Our Tartan collection photoshoot that you starred in was shot at the beautiful Glen House in the British countryside – do you have a favourite countryside walk?
Our absolutely favourite place must be up the Braid Hills, with that lovely view over Edinburgh - not that we ever look but mum admires it often. Another favourite is St. Andrew's beach; we love water and to drag seaweed around and roll in fantastic smelling things! Our daily walks are mostly at the Cammo Estate in Edinburgh, or up the Binn in Burntisland.
What is it like being part of a Barbour photoshoot? What did you love most about getting to star in the Barbour Tartan shoot?
Mum said it was such an honour to be picked in the first place, well, we think it was just obvious, as we are the most beautiful dogs anyway. We loved the setting of the glen, it was nice to sit and put our heads into the air and take in all the smells! Although Neita fell into the water 'by accident' - did I mention we love water? We both loved all the fuss by the staff, and the models were almost as beautiful as we are.
What makes you a Barbour dog?
Our glorious red colour complements every colour Barbour has on offer, also, being working dogs, we fit in perfectly in the outdoor environment with our gleaming coats that change with the light.
What kind of breed are you, and what is so great about being that breed?
We are Irish Setters, which many people call Red Setters. Everything is great about us! We are gentle and loving towards people and other animals, we have a great sense of humour (not always appreciated by mum!), we are biddable but with a tease of mischief that leaves you holding your breath. We can be boisterous as youngsters and while we calm down with age, we are forever young. Just look into our kind expressive eyes and you’ll know!
 Pictured our Barbour Medium Thornproof Tarras Bag.
Do you have any fun stories to tell us from behind the scenes of your shoot? 
We got to talk Swedish with one of the models! One of us was born in Sweden and the other has a Swedish mum - an international affair!
What do you enjoy doing in your modelling down-time? What are your favourite things to get up to day-to-day?
We live our life as beloved pets, so not much happening apart from our daily walks, meeting friends, running, rolling, playing, swimming and then snuggling on the sofa. On weekends we sometimes visit dog shows, Neita has just won Best Bitch at the world’s biggest show: Crufts. We also love to explore the moors to meet glorious grouse, or the fields nearby full of pheasants! The best thing every day though is dinner!
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