Barbour’s Apprentices of the Season – Meet Sarah and Danni

In partnership with the Prince’s Countryside Fund, we are recognising young aspiring Farmers who are looking to kick-start their careers in the agricultural trade.

October 17th 2017
We’re proud to announce that, in partnership with the Prince’s Countryside Fund, we have carefully selected our most recent Barbour Apprentices of the Season. Meet sisters-in-law Sarah Hawkey, 27 and Danni Hawkey, 26 - both nominated by The Prince’s Countryside Fund and the Cornwall YFC. The girls have each won a Barbour outfit to help keep them warm and dry during their apprenticeship.
Photographed by Mark Lord.
Danni said “a typical day in the role of an apprentice can involve foot trimming, vaccinating, shearing ewes ready for lambing and taking them to and from markets. The sheep keep us busy most days, but we also have cattle which require daily feeding and bedding.”
Sarah and Danni wore Barbour Essential Slim Trousers styled with Barbour Tempest Wellingtons. Photographed by Mark Lord.
Sarah further told us ‘Farming is a job that if you put the hours in, you get a lot back from it. I am one of the main shepherds on a farm of 2000 ewes. I have three collies, two of which I have trained and one is due to start training. Lambing is our busiest time of the year for 8 weeks, and my jobs involve looking after and assisting the ewes if need be when lambing.”
Photographed by Mark Lord.
Barbour has been a partner of The Prince’s Countryside Fund since 2012. In 2016, as part of their partnership, they introduced the Apprentice of the Season to recognise young people just starting out in their working life. Apprentices are chosen from the schemes supported by The Prince’s Countryside Fund.
Danni said “The apprenticeship has allowed me to be able to afford the training to help with my future career in farming and learn about what I love doing. I’ve also gained various skills and the Transport of Animals certificate. I’m also so grateful to have received a whole Barbour outfit. It's great quality, hardwearing and it keeps me very comfortable and warm, especially now that it is getting cooler.”
Photographed by Mark Lord.
Sarah added “Being involved with The Prince’s Countryside Fund was an ideal stepping stone into the farming industry; it has enabled me to be more independent and follow a career I have always been passionate about. It’s great to give young farmers the opportunity of which they might not have been able to partake in without the funding.”
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