AW17 Shirt Department: Marcel of One Dapper Street

We caught up with Marcel of ‘One Dapper Street’ to chat about his personal style and what he loves most from our AW17 Men’s Shirt Department, available at Macy's.

September 22nd 2017
We have been following Marcel’s adventures and style evolution since he started his blog ‘One Dapper Street’ in 2013. Discover how living in New York influences his wardrobe, and how he styles pieces from our AW17 Shirt Department for city life.
A fan of Barbour, the adventurous fashion blogger is the perfect fit for our AW17 Men’s Shirt Department, a collection designed with style, functionality and practical know how.
Marcel wears the Morris Corduroy Shirt in Wine
Your blog does a great job of showcasing your personal style. When did you get into blogging, and how has that experience helped your style evolve?
I started my blog on March 7th, 2013. At the time I was in the fourth semester of my studies, and had a little extra time, motivation and inspiration on my hands, so I decided to create One Dapper Street. I was 21, and still very much experimental with my style. I’d definitely say I’ve refined my way of dressing, grown up a little bit and learned a lot along the way. I’m not sure to what extent that was a natural progression, but being surrounded by like-minded people in the fashion industry, I’m sure I put an extra effort into figuring myself out sartorially.
Marcel styles his Barbour Shirt with the Flyweight Chelsea Jacket in black.
Tell us about your first Barbour experience.
My step-dad and my mom have been together longer than my parents had. We lived together as of the age of eight, so in many ways he was a father to me. I’ve always looked up to him, an Italian self-made man that hustled to get to where he was and is in life, with a distinguished sense of style. The first Barbour jacket I ever had in my hands was a Quilted Field Jacket with the corduroy collar. I felt like I instantly knew what Barbour stood for: class, masculinity and luxury.
How does living in New York impact your personal style?
I don’t get a lot of inspiration consciously from any single source, but I’m constantly surrounded by inspiration in this city. Many of my friends that are influencers as well live here, and they are a big source of inspiration for me. Beyond people in the industry, though, I often get inspired by people on the street, how they combine certain pieces, match two colors I wouldn’t have thought about matching, or even just wear a piece of clothing I hadn’t even thought about in a couple of years. 
Besides inspiration, I think NYC is the ultimate playground to experiment. You can wear what you want to wear, resting assured that there will always be someone crazier-looking than you. It’s a very safe zone to find yourself.
What does the future look like for One Dapper Street?
A big focus will be on video, as more and more people learn how to take beautiful photos, I think it’s a medium that allows for more differentiation. Instead of one frame, you need to worry about 30 frames in one second. If not more. It’s harder to create, but much easier to talk to people, to connect with them, and influence them in a way that is more than superficial. 
What’s your favorite piece from the Men’s Shirt Department Collection? Why? How do you style it for city life?
My favorite must be the Bordeaux Corduroy Shirt: the color is perfect for the transitional days: bright enough to catch your eye, but dark enough to blend into the fall colors; a perfect medium weight that makes it a great layering piece; and the luxurious feel of the fabric, comfortable and seasonally appropriate.
What drew you to the Men’s Shirt Department Collection?
What I said about the corduroy shirt holds true for most of the collection: an inherent feel of luxury combined with wearability, incredibly in-tune with the Fall/Winter mood, well-fitted and easily combined.
What could we find in the pocket of your Barbour jacket?
Probably a Leatherman. I always thought they were the coolest, and they just match the jacket so perfectly.
Marcel wears the Barbour Theo Tailored Shirt in forest
Where are your favorite places to travel?  Do you get style inspiration from your adventures?
No favorites that I can think of, I appreciate all places for their individuality and try and keep an open mind. I definitely do, I don’t love souvenirs, but love checking out local designers and fashion.
What are your favorite fall activities to do living in New York?
I love being outside in the fall, because I love the colors of nature, so often you’ll find me strolling around Central Park, if not somewhere hiking upstate. There’s always something to be said about a good glass of whiskey next to a fire place like at The Handy Liquor Bar.