AW17 Coastal: Lucy Clarke

Meet Lucy Clarke, an extraordinarily talented writer, whose inspiration comes from the coast. Find out what she had to say in celebration of our AW17 Coastal collection.

October 11th 2017
The Barbour story began back in 1894 in our coastal homeland, South Shields – and we’ve been passionate about the coastline ever since. To celebrate the launch of our new Autumn/Winter 17 Coastal collection, we’re rediscovering our heritage and lifelong relationship with the shore.  
After discovering Lucy Clarke and her brilliant novels, we couldn’t wait to arrange a meet up to chat about life as an author, the influence behind her work, and her childhood connections to Barbour. Find out what she had to say…
Tell us about your writing and how you got started?
I got started with writing when I was much younger. I always loved keeping diaries and journals but I didn’t know I wanted to be a writer until I was in my mid-twenties. I was travelling around the world with my boyfriend and I just remember having this urge to keep a travel journal, whilst driving around in a van and with so much space and time. I had a sense of freedom suddenly to create.
It was on that trip where I decided I wanted to be a writer. However, it wasn’t until I’d turned 30 when I got my first book deal – which was a really good moment, especially after all the knockbacks before. It was good to finally get that in place.
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Tell us about your style of writing and what makes it unique to you?
I write fiction novels, in terms of genre they are psychological suspense. I think what connects all the books I have written so far is that that they are all set at the sea and all have a coastal thread running through them. My first three novels were all set abroad, but the coast was integral to the story line.
Can you explain where the inspiration for your books come from?
I love writing about the sea. I think one thing that I love exploring in fiction is putting my characters in a setting that is outside of their ordinary lives. I love this feeling of displacing them out of their everyday lives and seeing how that affects them and how they change as a result of stepping out of the ordinary I suppose.
The inspiration for ‘Last Seen’ actually came from spending my time writing in this beach hut. Lots of people start with a character or a plot hook, but for me I have always started with the place – the setting being the key thing.
Tell us about what the coast means to you?
The coast is a huge part of my life. The perfect writing day is up here in the beach hut, on a super quiet day, where there is no one around. Journal, pencil, cup of tea, view of the horizon and then I’m all set for a day of inspiration.
One of the things that I love most about writing at the coast is that you’re cut off from everyday life and the real world. I love that absolute focus, where you don’t have distractions. It’s so easy to get distracted by the rushing and the pace of everything else. For me, I think the key to finding joy and pleasure from writing is when it’s just me and my notebook. It’s keeping things simple.
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Talk to us a little bit about what Barbour means to you?
I grew up in the New Forest. For me, my distant memory of that is my whole family wearing wax jackets. There is a distinctive smell in my memory of it, tied into the nostalgia of a childhood in the forest. That sort of yummy, damp afternoon, coming in and getting warm by the fire. That feeling is my memories of Barbour.

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