Highland Days Out - 24 Hours on the Isle of Skye

Starting our three day tour of the Highlands in Scotland, we explored the beautiful Isle of Skye…

March 7th 2017
Our Barbour Tartan collection is inspired by our founder, John Barbour, who was born in Scotland and never forgot his Scottish roots. We’re celebrating the launch of the SS17 Barbour Tartan range by touring three of our favourite places in the Highlands.
In the first of our three-part series, we set off on a journey to spend an adventure-filled 24 hours in one of Scotland’s most magnificent locations – the Isle of Skye.

Accompanied by our tour guides, Scottish travel blogger Laura Brown and Photographer Rab Fyfe, we crossed Skye Bridge and were greeted by clear skies and beaming sunshine. Stunned by Scotland’s natural beauty, we twisted and turned around winding roads and mountains, with unique and breathtaking settings around every corner. 
The Quiraing.
10am – 12pm. 
The morning began at the Quiraing, a giant landslip forming numbers of breathtaking high cliffs, hidden plateaus and rock pinnacles. The landscape’s main viewpoint was a pleasant 10-minute walk from the car park, so explorers of all abilities could embark on the journey – many bringing their dogs.  
Looking to experience something more adventurous and strenuous from the morning, we headed into the valley and up over the hill to walk the ‘full loop’. There were numerous spots along the way that made the perfect picnic rest-points to enjoy lunch with a view, but we pressed on to finish the challenging trek before noon, taking a moment to pause occasionally and enjoy the incredible views along the way.  
Dunvegan Castle.
1:30pm – 4pm. 
Our afternoon was spent at Scotland’s oldest inhabited castle, Dunvegan – home to the Chief of Clan MacLeod for the last 800 years. As we marched up to the grand building, we took in views of an estate steeped in history and legend. It’s beautiful gardens and mighty surrounding loch were glistening under the afternoon sun. 
As we roamed around the grounds, we passed a tropical greenhouse bursting full with bright, colourful exotic plants. Just beyond it was a selection of perfectly manicured gardens which we explored to the sound of gently rippling water from a nearby stream.
Around the front of the castle, we captured spectacular views of Loch Dunvegan. At its shore, visitors were jumping aboard a number of boat rides to watch colonies of playful seals, embark on fishing trips or join cruises to catch stunning views of the Hebrides. 
The Three Chimneys. 
5pm onwards.
As the sun set over the Scottish hills, our tour guides took us to The Three Chimneys; a world-renowned restaurant with 5-star rooms, located along the shore of Loch Dunvegan. After a busy day exploring Scotland’s idyllic landscapes, it was the perfect Highland retreat – with an evening spent unwinding and enjoying exquisite food. 
Serving only fresh, seasonal produce, the Three Chimneys offered us nothing but exceptional plates of food sourced from the local area, including delicious pickled herring and fresh gin cured salmon. 
Our evening came to an end to the delightful sound of glasses clinking before making our way to bed; satisfied and content with the day’s worthwhile adventure.
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