Steve McQueen™

In a celebration of Steve McQueen’s style and passion for motorcycling, this collection is designed for those who dream of a life on the open road. Navy and tan are dominant colours this season and graphic T-Shirts feature alongside a micro-embroidered '278', the number Steve McQueen wore in the International Six Day Trials, on quilts, sweats and polos.

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  • MWX1078NY71_aw16_front_model.jpg MWX1078NY71_aw16_flat.jpg

    B.Intl Steve McQueen Sandford Wax Jacket
  • MQU0772BK91_aw16_front_model.jpg MQU0772BK91_aw16_flat.jpg

    B.Intl Steve McQueen Baffle Quilted Jacket
  • MWB0500SN71_aw16_front_model.jpg MWB0500SN71_aw16_flat.jpg

    B.Intl Steve McQueen Waterproof Jacket
  • MSH3778RE33_aw16_front_model.jpg MSH3778RE33_aw16_flat.jpg

    B.Intl Steve McQueen Hairpin Regular Fit Shirt
  • MSH3730IN32_aw16_front_model.jpg MSH3730IN32_aw16_flat.jpg

    B.Intl Steve McQueen Drift Regular Fit Shirt
  • MTS0234GY94_aw16_front_model.jpg MTS0234GY94_aw16_flat.jpg

    B.Intl Steve McQueen Parade T-Shirt
  • MOS0007NY91_aw16_front_model.jpg MOS0007NY91_aw16_flat.jpg

    B.Intl Steve McQueen Nitro Overshirt