Classic Tartan

This season, Barbour’s iconic Dress Tartan is reimagined with a sumptuous palette of black, mocha, rosewood and pearl. This exclusive tartan and its luxurious hues adorn the women’s waxed, quilted, and waterproof jackets that make up the Classic Tartan collection, as well as an array of midlayers, dresses, shorts and skirts defined by their elegance, sophistication and femininity. 

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8 Styles found
  • Cavalry Liddesdale-Jacket-Navy_Classic-Full-LQU0466NY72.jpg Cavalry Liddesdale-Jacket-Navy_Classic-Front-LQU0466NY72.jpg

    Cavalry Liddesdale Quilted Jacket
  • Cindall-Shirt-Classic-Front-LSH0748TN11.jpg Cindall-Shirt-Classic-Back-LSH0748TN11.jpg

    Cindall Shirt
  • Southgate-Shirt-Classic-Full-LSH0747TN11.jpg Southgate-Shirt-Classic-Front-LSH0747TN11.jpg

    Southgate Shirt
  • Labrador T-Shirt-Tee-Snow-Full-LML0259WH11.jpg Labrador T-Shirt-Tee-Snow-Front-LML0259WH11.jpg

    Labrador T-Shirt
  • Dunbar-Glove-Glove-Charcoal-Front-LGL0026CH51.jpg

    Dunbar Glove
  • Beckley Tartan Wax-Hat-Olive_Clas-Front-LHA0180OL11.jpg

    Beckley Tartan Wax Hat
  • Classic Wax Trench-Hat-Classic-Front-LHA0178TN11.jpg

    Classic Wax Trench Hat
  • Tonal-Tartan-Scarf-Scarf-Charcoal-Front-LSC0091CH51.jpg

    Tonal Tartan Scarf