Mens Waxed Jackets

Iconic waxed jackets in a range of styles and finishes from heavy and tough to antique and distressed

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20 Styles found
  • MWX0004BK51_aw15cf_front.jpg MWX0004BK51_aw15cf_flat.jpg

    B.Intl Original Wax Jacket
  • MWX0306BK11_ss16_front.jpg MWX0306BK11_ss16_flat.jpg

    B.Intl Enfield Wax Jacket
  • MWX0984NY92_ss16_front.jpg MWX0984NY92_ss16_flat.jpg

    B.Intl Raceway Wax Jacket
  • MWX0985BK11_ss16_front.jpg MWX0985BK11_ss16_flat.jpg

    B.Intl Rebel Wax Jacket
  • MWX0973OL71_ss16_reframe_front.jpg MWX0973OL71_ss16_flat.jpg

    B.Intl Wax Windcheater Wax Jacket
  • MWX0002OL71_aw15cf_front.jpg MWX0002OL71_aw15cf_flat.jpg

    Classic Beaufort Wax Jacket
  • MWX0008NY91_aw15cf_front.jpg MWX0008NY91_aw15cf_flat.jpg

    Border Wax Jacket
  • MWX0010OL71_aw15cf_front.jpg MWX0010OL71_aw15cf_flat.jpg

    Classic Bedale Wax Jacket
  • MWX0017BK91_aw15cf_front.jpg MWX0017BK91_aw15cf_flat.jpg

    Beaufort Wax Jacket
  • MWX0018BK91_aw15cf_front.jpg MWX0018BK91_aw15cf_flat.jpg

    Barbour Bedale Wax Jacket
  • MWX0339NY92_aw15cf_front.jpg MWX0339NY92_aw15cf_flat.jpg

    Barbour Ashby Wax Jacket
  • MWX0513NY51_ss16_front.jpg MWX0513NY51_ss16_flat.jpg

    Barbour Sapper Tailored Wax Jacket
  • MWX0981NY92_ss16_reframe_front.jpg MWX0981NY92_ss16_flat.jpg

    Barbour Deck Wax Jacket
  • MWX0980BR11_ss16_US_front.jpg MWX0980BR11_ss16_US_flat.jpg

    Barbour Summer Traveller Wax Jacket
  • MWX0975NY73_ss16_US_front.jpg MWX0975NY73_ss16_US_flat.jpg

    Barbour Alness Wax Tailored Jacket
  • MWX0976NY92_ss16_US_front.jpg MWX0976NY92_ss16_US_flat.jpg

    Barbour Beauly Wax Tailored Jacket
  • MWX0977NY92_ss16_front.jpg MWX0977NY92_ss16_flat.jpg

    Barbour Halkirk Wax Jacket
  • MWX0992OL52_ss16_flat.jpg

    Barbour Reelin Slim Wax Jacket
  • MWX0827BR31_cf_flat.jpg MWX0827BR31_cf_flat.jpg

    Barbour New Utility Wax Jacket
  • MWX0979SN71_ss16_front.jpg MWX0979SN71_ss16_flat.jpg

    Barbour Wax Cobham Wax Jacket