A relaxed, practical line-up of men’s wax and quilted jackets and comfortably tailored shirts. Timeless favourites rub shoulders with new classics, all crafted with Barbour’s signature attention to quality, functionality, durability and detail.

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  • uac0001mi11_reframe_front.jpg

    Barbour Thornproof Dressing
  • MWX0002OL71_aw15cf_front.jpg MWX0002OL71_aw15cf_flat.jpg

    Classic Beaufort Wax Jacket
  • MWX0008NY91_aw15cf_front.jpg MWX0008NY91_aw15cf_flat.jpg

    Border Wax Jacket
  • MWX0010OL71_aw15cf_front.jpg MWX0010OL71_aw15cf_flat.jpg

    Classic Bedale Wax Jacket
  • MWX0017BK91_aw15cf_front.jpg MWX0017BK91_aw15cf_flat.jpg

    Barbour Beaufort Wax Jacket
  • MWX0018BK91_aw15cf_front.jpg MWX0018BK91_aw15cf_flat.jpg

    Barbour Bedale Wax Jacket
  • MQU0001BK91_aw15cf_front.jpg MQU0001BK91_aw15cf_flat.jpg

    Liddesdale Quilted Jacket
  • UBA0008BK11_ss16_front.jpg

    Barbour Leather Medium Travel Explorer Bag
  • uba0009bk11_reframe_front.jpg

    Barbour Leather Washbag
  • UBA0011BK11_ss16_front.jpg

    Barbour Leather Briefcase
  • UBA0017NY91_front.jpg

    Barbour Wax Holdall
  • UBA0334NY91_ss16_US_front.jpg

    Barbour Wax Leather Backpack
  • UBA0360NY91_ss16_front.jpg

    Barbour Wax Longthorpe Laptop Bag
  • UBA0361NY91_ss16_front.jpg

    Barbour Drywax Washbag
  • UBA0366OL35_ss16_US_front.jpg

    Barbour Waxed Cotton Duffle Holdall
  • UBA0368OL35_ss16_US_front.jpg

    Barbour Waxed Retriever Bag
  • UBA0373OL71_ss16_US_front.jpg

    Barbour Drywax Cord Pouch
  • UBA0376OL71_ss16_front.jpg

    Barbour Drywax Document Pouch
  • UBA0377NY11_ss16_US_front.jpg

    Barbour Duffle Bag
  • MLI0002BK91_aw15cf_front.jpg MLI0002BK91_aw15cf_flat.jpg

    Barbour Polarquilt Waistcoat/Zip-In Liner