Steve McQueen™

This season sees a celebration of collectables based on Steve McQueen’s timeless style combined with his passion for motorcycling. Inspired by his love of high summer desert racing, the collection includes jackets, tees, shirts and sweats in a soft summer colour palette.

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  • MWX0973OL71_ss16_reframe_front.jpg MWX0973OL71_ss16_flat.jpg

    B.Intl Wax Windcheater Wax Jacket
  • MSH3348RE51_ss16_front.jpg MSH3348RE51_ss16_flat.jpg

    B.Intl Britt Check Slim Fit Shirt
  • MSH3647NY16_ss16_US_front.jpg MSH3647NY16_ss16_US_flat.jpg

    B.Int Chadwick Shirt
  • MSH3709IN32_ss16_front.jpg MSH3709IN32_ss16_flat.jpg

    B.Intl Thompson Slim Fit Shirt
  • MOL0016GY52_ss16_front.jpg MOL0016GY52_ss16_flat.jpg

    B.Intl Stockman Hoody
  • MTS0178BE13_ss16_front.jpg MTS0178BE13_ss16_flat.jpg

    B.Intl Mojave T-Shirt
  • MTS0181BE13_ss16_US_front.jpg MTS0181BE13_ss16_US_flat.jpg

    B.Intl Vin T-Shirt
  • MTS0183BL15_ss16_US_front.jpg MTS0183BL15_ss16_US_flat.jpg

    B.Intl Kinsella T-Shirt