Steve McQueen™

A standout collection featuring previously unseen images from the Steve McQueen archive. Men’s wax, casual and quilted jackets are teamed with stylish, slim-fitting midlayers in a celebration of the most famous wearer of the original Barbour International jacket.

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13 Styles found
  • Chico Wax Jacket-Jacket-Olive-Front-MWX0797OL71.jpg Chico Wax Jacket-Jacket-Olive-Back-MWX0797OL71.jpg

    Chico Wax Jacket
  • Wax 9665-Jacket-Olive-Full-MWX0622OL71.jpg Wax 9665-Jacket-Olive-Front-MWX0622OL71.jpg

    Wax 9665 Jacket
  • Washington-Jacket-Sandstone-Full-MWX0415SN31.jpg Washington-Jacket-Sandstone-Front-MWX0415SN31.jpg

    Washington Waxed Jacket
  • Quilted 9665-Jacket-Navy-Full-MQU0540NY91.jpg Quilted 9665-Jacket-Navy-Front-MQU0540NY91.jpg

    Quilted 9665 Jacket
  • Steve Cable Crew-Knitwear-Navy-Front-MKN0821NY91.jpg Steve Cable Crew-Knitwear-Navy-Back-MKN0821NY91.jpg

    Steve Cable Crew Neck Sweater
  • Steve Dot Shirt SS-Shirt-Red-Front-MSH3516RE51.jpg Steve Dot Shirt SS-Shirt-Red-Back-MSH3516RE51.jpg

    Steve Dot Short Sleeved Shirt
  • Britt Check Shirt-Shirt-Blue-Front-MSH3348BL51.jpg Britt Check Shirt-Shirt-Blue-Back-MSH3348BL51.jpg

    Britt Check Shirt
  • Tampa Stripe Shirt-Shirt-Blue-Front-MSH3391BL33.jpg Tampa Stripe Shirt-Shirt-Blue-Back-MSH3391BL33.jpg

    Tampa Stripe Shirt
  • Steve Authentic Polo-Casual Top-Grey Marl-Front-MML0682GY52.jpg Steve Authentic Polo-Casual Top-Grey Marl-Back-MML0682GY52.jpg

    Steve Authentic Polo Shirt
  • Nobody Tee-Tee-Grey Marl-Front-MTS0074GY52.jpg Nobody Tee-Tee-Grey Marl-Back-MTS0074GY52.jpg

    Nobody Tee
  • Smooth Tee-Tee-Powder Blue-Front-MTS0075BL34.jpg Smooth Tee-Tee-Powder Blue-Back-MTS0075BL34.jpg

    Smooth Tee
  • Nevada Tee-Tee-Neutral-Front-MTS0076BE13.jpg Nevada Tee-Tee-Neutral-Back-MTS0076BE13.jpg

    Nevada Tee
  • Racer Tee-Tee-Neutral-Front-MTS0089BE13.jpg Racer Tee-Tee-Neutral-Back-MTS0089BE13.jpg

    Racer Tee